Waterford Residential Subdivision, Raymond Terrace Road, Chisholm

County Property Group

Waterford County is a large residential subdivision in Chisholm, near Thornton, NSW. Moir Landscape Architecture has been involved in design development, ongoing construction documentation and contract administration.

This involvement has included design and documentation of a large riparian park including a playground, wetlands, cycle paths, sculptural elements and shelters. A key feature of the estate is the sculptural entry feature, which was completed in 2012. The entry feature consists of twelve large corten feature walls that are set into an existing slope on either side of the entry road. Each wall has a cut out of a dragonfly, the logo of the estate, which is lit at night. The entry feature creates a strong sense of arrival and sets the landscape theme of the estate as well as providing a point of difference to other residential estates in the area.